Off-Season interview - Alpha Jalloh

Off-Season interview – Alpha Jalloh

Aiemmin viikolla Alpha Jallohin sopimus Royals-paitaan julkistettiin ja nyt mies on saatu myös haastatteluun. Jalloh saapuu Vaasaan jo neljättä kertaa ja odottaa innolla tulevaa kautta. Alta luettavissa Jallohin ajatuksia tulevasta vuodesta.


How has the new year started?

”My year has started blessed. I have been educating myself and following a routine.” Says Jalloh


How do you feel about coming back to royals for next season?

”I’m excited to play the game that I have loved since I was a kid and have my family watch me play.”


Last week Royals signed QB Tim Morovick and now your contract is revealed. How do you feel about Royals offense for coming season?

”I think our offence is going to be great! Tim and I have some experience together from Sweden. I know the things he can do. My plan is to show Royals and him greater things in 2023!” – said Jalloh


You were the MVP of maple league in 2020 and Royals were extremely close to being in top2. What are your expectations for coming season in maple league?

”Any time, that I can be with Wasa Royals from the beginning to the end, team is going to be at the top. The success will not be due to performance alone but a team effort from on and off the field” – Said Jalloh


In 2020 Jalloh led the Maple League in receiving yards and in 2022 in division 1 Jalloh led the league in receiving yards again

”This year, I plan the have the same result as the 2022 season, holding the championship trophy in my last game” – Jalloh


Do you have some greeting to Royals fans?

”Get all of Vaasa ready to follow us to Seinäjoki in September to the finals.”


What toppings are you choosing for pizza?

”Cannot have pineapples on it. However, I like a meat lover pizza.”